Tax Policy & Finance

Michigan’s tax system has been in fluctuation for a number of years. Find information here about how this complicated system affects your company and learn more about the latest changes in the Corporate Tax.


Federal and State Laws for Michigan Employers

Employers are constantly faced with making decisions that daily put their company at risk of lawsuits, costly fines and penalties. They are also responsible for making decisions that are compliant with applicable laws.

Employment Law & Human Resources

Numerous state and federal laws regulate the management of your workforce including hiring, discipline, terminations, wage issues, discrimination, leaves of absence, and more. Learn how to remain compliant with relevant laws.


Environmental, Health & Safety

Being good stewards of the environment and advocates for the health and safety of your employees is a high priority. Discover what state and federal laws and regulations you should be in compliance with to avoid lawsuits, fines and penalties.


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Find documents relevant to Michigan employers within each category.

List of Major Laws

Get details on state & federal laws within each category.

List of Government Agencies Involved

Learn which agency to contact within each category.

Training & Workshops

Find out what relevant training is coming up within each category.

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Get answers to your most pressing questions in each category.

Featured Publications

Covers state and federal employment law topics.

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